We are providing the solutions to our customers for the different types of PCB Assemblies stated as here under:


We are providing the solutions to our customers for various ways::

  • Installation & Commissioning of DC Power Plant.
  • Installation & Commissioning of batteries.
  • Up-gradation of telecom sites.
  • Preventive maintenance of telecom sites.
  • Breakdown activity as per lead time.
  • Installation & commissioning of inverter and UPS (1KVA-100KVA)
  • Rework / repair of PCB assemblies.
  • Rework / repair of rectifier modules, SMPS Power Plant, PIU (Power Interface Unit), Inverter, UPS, DC-DC converter, Battery Charger, AC and DC Power Supply,
  • SMPS Power Module.(Any Make)
  • SMPS Battery Charger.
  • Control cards for molding machine & CNC machines.
  • Temperature control card for Molding Machine.
  • Power Modules (Rectifier, Inverter, Converter).
  • Installation of units (Official & Commercial).
  • Servicing the unit on site/off site.
  • We provide service solutions for telecom.
  • And all different types PCB assemblies